The Philippe de Woot Award - Testimonials

Let’s discover the stories of previous participants to the Philippe de Woot award :the challenges they overcame, the lessons they learned and what they’ve appreciated the most in this  journey!

Macha Bertrand shares with us her journey winning the first edition of the Award.

Macha Bertrand was the first winner of the Philippe de Woot Award back in 2010 with her master’s thesis « An Exploratory Study about Corporate Governance in Social Entrepreneurship” assessing whether the various factors usually linked to social entrepreneurship result in different management and governance mechanisms.

She is now working at Soil Capital founded by one of the familly member of Philippe de Woot: Chuck de Liedekerke. The purpose of the company is to be able to effectively, and in the long term support and compensate farmers for the implementation of practices that regenerate the health of their soil.

Anthony Simonofski comes back on his experience in 2018

Get insights on Anthony Simonofski‘s experience with the Philippe de Woot 2018 edition. He was nominated for his master thesis « Citizen Participation in Smart Cities »aiming to provide a framework to structure and evaluate citizen participation in smart cities.

Still passionate by sustainability topics, he is currently working as professor of Digital Transformation at UNamur, a Belgian university.


Jeanne Cassiers revisits her journey from 2018

Discover the story of Jeanne Cassiers, nominee of the Philippe de Woot Award 2018 for her master’s thesis entitled “Why do consumers buy brands they do not find ethical? A study on the ambivalence towards Coca-Cola, Inc. and Ferrero, S.p.A.”

Still driven by Philippe de Woot’s thinking, she is currently working as freelance adviser for companies to create an impact.

Judith Klein tells us more about her adventure of winning the 2018 edition!

Let’s listen to the story of Judith Klein winner of the 2018 Philippe de Woot Award for her master’s thesis analyzing the potential for improvement of the social conditions in the Ethiopian textile industry written in collaboration with Kristina Feldt! 

She is currently working as senior Management Consultant in the fields of energy and climate at Implement Consulting Group. This company helps leading organisations succeed with their most critical change initiatives.