Philippe de Woot Award

The inter-university “Philippe de Woot Award” is an initiative of the UCLouvain that aims to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability in business by awarding a biennial prize to one or several Master’s theses that constitute an original contribution to understanding and thinking about corporate social responsibility.

The next edition of the Philippe De Woot Award will take place in 2024.

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The context

Professor Philippe de Woot

The questions of corporate role, governance and responsibility in the environmental and social domains are in all spirits. The impact of companies on society has reached unprecedented levels resulting from the size of enterprises, their international presence and market globalization. Rarely, have we known such a critical crisis period where the International Institutions, States, civil society, investors and the academic world wonder about the credibility and efficiency of the economic and financial markets, today in full turnover.

Throughout his 40-year long career, Prof. Philippe de Woot used to encourage students, enterprises, economic actors as well as international and national public bodies to adhere to the ethics of what is now called CSR. He was a precursor of the groundswell embodied today in the commitment to CSR of the best enterprises and management schools.

The prize

The award-winner(s) will receive a prize of € 3,000. €1,500 will be directly given to the student and the remaining €1,500 will be offered to an environmental or a social project to be chosen by the student. In addition, communication in the media and international networks will be ensured.

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The objective

Promote Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in business

Promote sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility by awarding, every two years, one prize to one or several Master thesis(es) which constitute(s) an original contribution to the understanding and thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility. The award is for any student graduated from a University or Business School at Master level and whose Master thesis is about corporate social responsibility or the contribution of companies/organizations to sustainable development.

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Master theses for the 2024 Award must be submitted by October 1, 2023.

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The next edition will be organized on March 21 2024.

Any graduate student from a university or business school with a Master’s degree whose dissertation deals with CSR or sustainable development defended during the academic years 2021-2022 & 2022-2023 can apply for this award.

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